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青藏公路熱棒制冷工程(Heat Pipe Subgrade in Permafrost Regions)
來源:西安中交公路岩土(tu)工程有限責(ze)任公司   發布時間:2013/7/1   瀏覽(lan)次wen)font color="#FF0000">



  Qinghai-tibet highway runs through the permafrost area of several hundred kilometers. The ununiformity deformation of subgrade bottom caused by repeated frost-and-thaw cycle and the breakage to the structures such as road surface, bridge and culvert have been  all along the most difficult technology problem for many years.
In scientific research test and construction, in addition to using advanced technology means such as ventilation subgrade, macadam side slope, sunshading board, the professionals of the company adopt
the no-power hot stick cooling technology in the road section with high temperature and high ice content, namely: transforming the heat in frost soil layer to the atmosphere in light of the cooling theory of liquid-and-gas conversion in closed pipe so as to decrease permafrost temperature and to prevent the upper limit of permafrost from moving downward, this technology effectively improves the mechanics feature of subgrade soil in permafrost road section. The subgrade of K2937+100~K2939+160 and K2947+500~K2951+100 sections of Chuermahe high plain in Qing Zang highway had serious settlement deformation and longitudinal crack, after treatment by hot stick cooling technology three years ago, it is still in good condition. This is the first example of using hot stick cooling technology on a large scale to solve the subgrade stability problem in permafrost area, and it was adopted in construction of Qing Zang highway.

版(ban)權(quan)所有︰西安中交公路岩土(tu)工程有限責(ze)任公司   網站地圖     公司地址︰西安市高新區灃惠南路20號(hao)華(hua)晶(jing)商務廣場(chang)A座10層 郵政編碼(ma)︰710075 備案號(hao)︰陝ICP備05009718號(hao)

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